Work Stands

Work Stands

Work Stands for Every Work Station

In order to get a job or project completed efficiently and with great quality and skill, it truly comes down to the tools that are used. With high-quality tools that are kept in great shape and fit the criteria of work that needs to be done, woodworkers, carpenters, general contractors, hobbyists, etc., can ensure that their work will be executed with the finest precision.

In addition to their required tools, it’s essential to have the proper work stand in your shop or garage that will assist you in the many projects that you take part in.

A Variety of Work Stands and Adjustable Tool Stands

In the world of construction--whether as a job or part-time hobby--the need to cut and shape wood precisely is highly essential. So, shouldn’t the adjustable tool stand you have be compatible with this important requirement?

At Bora Tool, we have a variety of work stands that help you to organize and maximize your work space to work more productively. The work stands are featured with or without saw attachments--ensuring that we have a little something for everyone. For example, our PM-8000 Portacube STR Miter Saw Work Station is the perfect multi-purpose tool station for any job in your workshop, garage or even on the job site. It allows for the mounting of any miter saw--usually up to 26 ½ inches wide. This miter saw stand is highly efficient and has a compact nature that allows it to fit in virtually any work space. With its extensions in full use, it allows any worker an additional 7 feet of work space! Additionally, this unique miter saw stand features wheels--for easy mobility--and adjustable tool mounts that can be interchanged in order to fit whatever range of tools you need for that specific job. Unlike other miter saw stands, this adjustable tool stand is truly one of a kind to help woodworkers and contractors work more efficiently and produce higher quality of work while keeping their work spaces organized. 

If you are in the market for a miter saw stand that is a little less heavy duty, then you should consider investing in the Folding Miter Saw Stand PM-4000 Portamate. This versatile and compact work stand comes with snap pin folding legs that allow for easy mobility and storage to keep your work area organized, as well as a 20 inch quick attach mounts that you can keep your tools of choice on. This miter saw stand is made of the highest quality steel with a coated finish that allows for a 500-pound capacity--with this stand, you’ll be able to get even the heaviest of jobs done. Most importantly, it’s highly compatible with any miter saw! Its quick attachments makes securing a miter saw a top very easy. When you’re done, all you need to do is fold it up and place in a storage area that works best for you--it’s that easy and versatile. 

With the proper tools--and adjustable work stand--you’ll be able to complete any project with the finest precision.

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