Bora Wooden Woodworking Mallet 4 1/2"

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Well balanced for precision and comfort , this wood mallet is carefully crafted to feel good in your hand while swinging and striking, you'll know its quality workmanship the second you pick it up Large hardwood striking face, made of hard, kiln-dried European Beechwood, the 4 1/2" head (with 2"x3" striking face) allows for exceptional power, without damaging your material Tapered handle for additional strength, the wood mallet head is secured by a 9" tapered Beechwood handle, making it impossible for the head to fly off, the handle is also smooth, splinter free, and easy to grip Exceptional for woodworking and other uses, this woodworkers mallet (or carpenters mallet, if you prefer) is ideal for joining work, striking chisels, and other woodworking uses and it crushes ice like a champ as well (that makes it an ice mallet too) Looks great, we know looks aren't the most important feature when buying a wood mallet, but it doesn't hurt, either, this one looks great on your pegboard, and is a tool you'll be proud to own


Bora Tools, long known for quality woodworking products, again tips the scales with a high quality hardwood wooden mallet specifically designed for woodworkers. A wooden mallet (sometimes called a carpenters mallet or a woodworkers mallet) is a tool that may seem strange at first, but is essential for many applications, with woodworking being chief amongst them. Woodworking often calls for the use of chisels, with a hammer needed to tap / strike them. Rubber mallets do not offer the hard residence needed, and forget metal, as they are too heavy, and will also damage your tools. This makes a wooden mallet very necessary, and this is one of the finest you can buy. Made of premium kiln-dried European Beechwood, this 4-1/2 inch Wood Mallet comes with an angled face and a smooth, splinter-free grip handle, which is also tapered to keep the head rock solid. This creates unparalleled balance, and the 2”x3” face ensures ample striking force is applied with maximum comfort and control. Ideal for general joinery work and a perfect pairing with your favorite chisels, this wonderful wood mallet is made in England with old world craftsmanship and quality. Oh, it also looks great, and is perfect for crushing ice as well.

Prop 65 Wood Dust  
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