Tool Guard VCI Emitter (Bora STN-TVE003)

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• Easy to use – simply pop Tool Guard open and it protects against rust and corrosion for one year. • Utilizes a corrosion-inhibiting vapor that automatically covers and protects every nook and cranny. • Even works in damp and humid environments. • Does not dry out wood like desiccants will. • Perfect for tools / toolboxes, guns, precision measuring equipment, machine accessories, museum display cases, and anywhere else you want to prevent rust. • One emitter will protect 2 cubic feet for one year. • Three emitters included, which increases your protection volume.


Rust prevention is a very real issue, which is exactly what our Tool Guard VCI Emitter addresses. Simply open the emitters, and place them in your toolbox, storage bin, drawers, gun cabinet, or anywhere else you want to prevent rust. One Tool Guard emitter covers two cubic feet of space for an entire year, making rust-prevention as simple and hands-off as possible. These VCI Emitters utilize a corrosion-inhibiting vapor, which fills the space and penetrates everywhere, ensuring every surface is protected against rust and corrosion on a monomolecular level. They also work in humid environments (even 100% RH), without drying anything out. So unlike silica gels and other desiccants, you can confidently use these to prevent rust and/or corrosion on metal surfaces, without harming wood. Even museums use these to protect priceless artifacts – imagine how well they’ll protect your tools.

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  • Provides outstanding vapor phase protection against rust and corrosion of tools, machine accessories, measuring equipment and components.
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