Bora Restore Rust Remover

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• Restores steel and iron tools, components, and other items to a pristine “pre-rust” state. • Non-acidic formula removes the rust, yet is harmless to plastics, rubbers, and non-ferrous metals. Use with confidence. • De-rusted items are protected against further corrosion. • Highly concentrated and long lasting – 250ml mixed with tap water will make 5 liters (Almost 1.5 gallons!) of rust-removing solution. Can be used over and over. • Environmentally friendly – Restore Rust Remover is biodegradable, so you can pour it down the drain when finished.

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Brand Bora Tool
  • Restores steel and iron tools and components
  • Non-acidic, formulation - only removes the rust, is harmless to plastics, rubbers and non ferrous metals
  • De-rusted items are protected against further corrosion
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