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• Restores steel and iron tools, components, and other items to a pristine “pre-rust” state. • Non-acidic formula removes the rust, yet is harmless to plastics, rubbers, and non-ferrous metals. Use with confidence. • De-rusted items are protected against further corrosion. • Highly concentrated and long lasting – 250ml mixed with tap water will make 5 liters (Almost 1.5 gallons!) of rust-removing solution. Can be used over and over. • Environmentally friendly – Restore Rust Remover is biodegradable, so you can pour it down the drain when finished.


Restore Rust Remover is an effective and safe de-rusting solution that will restore your metal tools, collectables, toys, or just about anything that’s rusted. The solution is water-based, non-acidic, non-toxic, and biodegradable. This means besides being an exceptional rust remover, it’s also green and environmentally responsible. That’s important to everyone. Unlike many competitors, it doesn’t contain any phosphoric acid, which removes some of the “good” metal. Instead, Restore Rust Remover removes only the rust, leaving your metal undamaged. In addition, because of the absence of acids, there is no danger of flash rusting occurring when parts are removed from the de-rusting bath. In fact, parts will remain rust free without further protection for a good while, allowing plenty of time for painting, chemically blackening, or plating. It’s also concentrated - one 250ml bottle makes almost 1.5 gallons of rust-removing solution, which can be used over and over again (when it can’t be used anymore, it’ll turn black.) Bring your rusted metal back to life today!

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  • Restores steel and iron tools and components
  • Non-acidic, formulation - only removes the rust, is harmless to plastics, rubbers and non ferrous metals
  • De-rusted items are protected against further corrosion
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