Restore Rust Remover Gel Bora STN-RRG250 250ml

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• The power of Restore Rust Remover in a gel form, perfect for “non-bath” applications. • Non-acidic means it won’t harm plastics, rubbers, or non-ferrous metals. • Easy to apply, and because it’s a gel, can be used on large machines and vertical applications. • Environmentally-friendly and fully biodegradable. • Removes rust, and leaves your components and machines looking new.


We developed Restore Rust Remover Gel specifically for people who wish to de-rust larger, bulkier, heavier items that are too difficult (or impossible) to de-rust in a bath of Restore Rust Remover. It contains the same rust-removal ingredients as our famous Restore Rust Remover, only in Gel form, so it’s perfect for larger machines and items (such as Table saws, Band Saws, Jointers, Planers, Auto Body Parts, Tanks and Mudguards, Machine Tool Tables and Beds, and anything else rusted.) You apply it with a soft scouring pad (not included) which is moved gently over the surface. Restore Rust Remover Gel works extremely fast - in most cases, the surface is left bright and clean in just a few minutes. But with this power comes responsibility: Restore Rust Remover Gel is non-acidic, non-toxic, and biodegradable – you can wipe it off with a rag or a paper towel and throw it away without harming the environment. Tough on rust, and “green” as well – pick up a can for your larger tools today.

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  • Restores steel and iron tools and components
  • Non-acidic, formulation - only removes the rust, is harmless to plastics, rubbers and non ferrous metals
  • De-rusted items are protected against further corrosion
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