Restore Blade and Bit Cleaner 500 Ml Bottle (Bora STN-BBC500)

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• Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner is a powerful, professional-strength, environmentally-friendly cleaner for your bits and blades. • Quickly removes pitch and resin build up from drill bits, router bits, spindle tooling, circular saw blades, jointer and thicknesses blades, and anything similar. • Extremely versatile - can be used as a dipping solution, spray solution via the supplied trigger spray unit, and also in an ultrasonic cleaner. • It’s green! The water based solution is biodegradable and environmentally safe. You’re getting a fast-acting, powerful bit cleaner / blade cleaner that’s also responsible. • The formula includes a corrosion inhibitor for short-term rust and corrosion protection. • Ready to use right away - no dilution necessary.


Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner is a fast acting, professional strength cleaner, formulated to quickly and easily remove pitch and resin build up from all manner of woodworking tools - Table Saw blades, Circular Saw blades, router bits, spindle moulder tooling, drill bits, and more. If you like clean woodworking tools, then this product is for you. In addition, Bora’s unique formula includes a corrosion inhibitor which offers short term corrosion protection (we do recommend a rust inhibitor for long term protection – see our other products for such). Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner works fast - very fast. Simply spray it on (or for smaller tools, use as a dip), wait 5 minutes, and wipe away with a cloth or nylon scouring pad – one application is enough for most cleanings. This is also a very “green” product, and fully water-based and biodegradable. But it’s definitely not short on power, and will keep your tools looking as sharp as they feel! Note: avoid prolonged contact with aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys, as it can mar these surfaces

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