Metal Tool Wax Polish, 100ML Jar

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• Easy to use soft paste wax for protecting your metal woodworking tools and machinery. • A unique blend of microcrystalline waxes and metal corrosion inhibitors protects for up to two years. • Specifically formulated for woodworkers and woodworking tools. Does not contain any silicone compounds, which can harm your woodworking adhesives and finishes. • Use with confidence to protect your valuable woodworking tools and machinery from rust and corrosion.


This is Bora Tool’s easy to use metal wax paste that protects your woodworking tools from rust and corrosion. We’ve developed this specifically for woodworkers and their tools, meaning we’ve left out the silicone compounds that other metal waxes have. We did this because silicone compounds tend to ruin wood finishes and adhesives – you don’t need any of that around your woodworking projects, do you? Instead, our carefully developed blend of microcrystalline waxes and ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibitors will protect your metal tools and machinery from rust and corrosion. One application can last up to two years, making this an excellent investment for any woodworker or woodworking shop.

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Brand Bora Tool
  • Wax Polish protects tools against corrosion
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