Clamp Edge Saw Guide System

Clamp Edge Saw Guides Fit for Any Woodworking Job

When looking to take on woodworking or other DIY projects around your house or out on a job, Bora Tools has a wide variety of jigsaw guides and clamp edge saw guides that will assist you in achieving perfect cuts and smooth edges. 

For those with a circular saw, router, or a jigsaw and want a tool that will help to make straighter cuts, the Bora 50” WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide is the perfect accessory for the job. The Bora 50” WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide is made from extruded aluminum for peak durability and is equipped with end clamps that can be easily adjusted to the right channels, completely ridding the need for an internal channel bar. This clamp edge saw guide is the perfect match for any woodworking job, big or small. 

High Quality Jigsaw Guides

However, if you are completing a project that requires a jig saw, then you might be in the market for the Bora Jig Saw Guide. This jig saw guide is compatible with most brands of jigsaws and allows for the finest of straight cuts; enabling you to complete your projects with ease and precision. The Bora Jig Saw Guide is 100% adjustable and even permits users to make quick changes in movement and cut type without destroying the wood or running into errors with the accessory pieces. 

The Bora Jig Saw Guide’s unique design not only creates smooth edges and straight cuts with each and every project it is used for, but its adjustable qualities can support any technique; for example, woodworkers can use it to create straight edges, change in movement and direction, and can even remove the clamp in between cuts and work on freehand cuts. Its diversity is truly unbeatable. At Bora Tools, our wide variety of Clamp Edge Saw Guides and Jig Saw Guides are 100% compatible with any caliber of job, including the type of wood--from thick, dimensional lumber to flat, strips of wood, our saw guides are up for the job. 

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