Bora Sharpening Stone Aluminum Oxide

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Bora 501060 8 inch Fine/Coarse Combination Sharpening Store Aluminum Oxide two sided stone for sharpening knives, woodworking tools and other edge tools The coarse 120 grit dark side is for initial sharpening, removing nicks etc. The fine 240 grit light side is for final honing or touchups. Ideal size for bench work Measures 8" x 2" x 1" (include metric dims) Intended for sharpening all types of tools and knives


The BORA 8-Inch extra hard aluminum oxide sharpening stone is a double sided stone with one coarse grit and one fine grit side. Intended to remove smaller nicks and finish sharpening of all types of edged tools, camping knifes, kitchen scissors, and chisel blades. Ideal size and convenient for bench work. This stone uses oil as a lubricant. Immerse the stone for 1 minute to fill it and apply oil on the surface occasionally during use to flush away abraded material.

Prop 65 Wood Dust  
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