Heavy-duty adjustable rolling base, with an industry-leading 1500 lb. weight capacity, makes large power tools and equipment mobile

 Troy MI, July 28, 2015 – Leading woodworking and power tool accessory manufacturer Portamate has introduced the newest member of its universal mobile base line with the PM-3500, an adjustable mobile base that has an industry-leading 1500 lb. weight capacity.

“Woodworkers, shop owners, and DIY enthusiasts have asked us to manufacture a larger capacity mobile base, and we’ve answered their wishes with the PM-3500,” said Todd Gluski, Marketing Brand Manager of Portamate’s parent company Affinity Tool Works. “Now owners of larger table saws, band saws, planers, jointers, workbenches, and all manner of workshop equipment have a mobile base that can handle the big boys.”

Portamate has a full line of universal mobile bases, making both power tools and other items such as cabinets, safes, and tool chests fully mobile. But until recently, their offerings topped out at a 650 lb. capacity. The PM-3500 more than doubles that, while only raising the tools or cabinets profile one inch.  Add in the wide range of sizes it can be configured – adjusting from 18.25 x 23.5 to 28 x 33.5 – and the easy-to-operate foot locking lever, and it becomes a complete solution for larger power tools and items which was the goal of Portamate.

“One of the ways we develop new products is by listening to our customers and we’d hear from woodworkers who have our other mobile bases around their shops, but have that one item that’s just too heavy,” said Gluski. “They needed a mobile base that could handle that, and with the new PM-3500, we now have an adjustable mobile base for just about anything in your shop.”

The Portamate PM-3500 Mobile Base retails for $149.00. For a complete list of dealers and retailers, please visit www.portamate.com or call 866-588-0395.

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