The World Is Not Square, Plumb Or Level — And How Affinity Tool Fixed It.

Troy, Michigan, U.S.Ask any fine woodworker and he’ll tell you a lot is riding on the tools you choose. That’s why Affinity Tool went old school in creating a line of Mortise Gauges, Scribes and Try Squares to help woodworkers in their quest for perfect fits. Rather than following the trend towards manufacturing in the Pacific Rim, Affinity Tool turned to the leading center of traditional English tool making to create the Bora® line of fine woodworking tools. These are the tools for any craftsman who takes pride in his work.

At first glance you realize Bora® squares and gauges are special. These are not mass made, assembly line products. Each is crafted using European beech for its hard, fine grain, even texture and high strength. Edges, corners and fasteners are solid brass for durability and accuracy. These are tools that can stand up to repeated use over many years and still maintain their dimensional integrity. Use them from the left side or right — it doesn’t matter — they’re precise and therefore reliable.

Craig Ursell, Marketing Manager of Affinity Tool Works, describes his company’s insistence on quality this way: “We have always insisted on the finest quality so that our customers don’t have to think about it when they grab a tool from Affinity. It’s no different with this line. We go wherever we have to for a factory that can meet higher standards — our standards— for production. Our name is on it and we stand by it, forever.” In fact, Affinity Tool Works provides a lifetime guarantee on all these Bora tools. As they like to say, Affinity makes tools of the trade that you’ll never have to trade in.

The Bora® line includes the most common and useful hand tools in a woodworker’s toolbox: a compact 7 1/2” Try Square as well as an all-purpose 9 ¼” Try Square. Both use a blackened, spring steel blade that stays true and is rust resistant. The line also includes an indispensible Bevel Square. Long wearing brass and carbon steel ensure years of faithful use. Of course the locking screw is made of brass and sized perfectly so it doesn’t extend beyond the body and get in the way. The Marking Gauge, and the combination Mortise Gauge/Marking Gauge are designed for quality and accuracy. The sure-fit brass slide in the mortise gauge stays put for precise marking. An oversize thumbscrew easily locks the guide in place.







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