New Corner Clamp From BORA Helps Ensure Quality Results

Right angle clamping tool is essential for making perfectly mitered corners or butt joints.

TROY, Mi., June 27, 2013 ¬— Woodworkers who take pride in the details notice perfectly tight, square corners on frames, doors, cabinets and more. The trick for getting those perfectly square corners is having a right angle clamp. That’s why the new BORA Corner Clamp is a great addition to every woodworker’s shop.

Like all BORA products the Corner Clamp is a high-quality tool designed to be easy to use when precise, 90-degree corner clamping is required. It’s made of lightweight cast metal for durability. The forged steel screws provide smooth, exact movement. The clamping jaws feature a non-marring finish to help prevent pressure marks on softer materials. Oversize, soft-grip handles are comfortable to use and pivot 90° for quick adjustments or to fine tune clamping pressure. And both clamps include a quick release button that allows for a fast open and close function.

BORA product manager, Ken Neilson described the Clamp’s versatility: “ It’s great for doweling, gluing or nailing; when you’re making picture frames, if you’re making or repairing window frames or small doors; when you need to join some molding or trim. Someone’s always finding a new application for our Corner Clamp.”

The BORA Corner Clamp is designed so it can be mounted to most work surfaces; or in shops where space if tight, just set it on a bench wherever it’s convenient. The jaws have a 2.5” clamping capacity to accommodate a variety of materials and projects. The Corner Clamp also allows for small corrections before gluing when miter cuts don’t meet just right: the space between the Corner Clamp jaws is enough to allow a handsaw to make a minor corrective cut. The BORA Corner Clamp is an indispensible right angle tool for every woodworking shop.

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