New BORA Vise Provides Sure-grip Clamping Power To Make Any Bench A True Workbench

TROY, Mi., June 12, 2013 ¬— Professional woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers alike can now get more precision and better results with the new workbench vise from BORA hand tools. The large Vise is an indispensable work holding tool that provides a sure grip for sawing, sanding, planning, drilling, gluing and more. Power tools are important, but one of the real workhorses of any workshop is a vise, a “technology” nearly as old as the trade itself. That’s why BORA is pleased to add this essential tool to its growing line of woodworking equipment.

Any craftsman will tell you, when it comes to outfitting a shop, few tools are as important as a bench and vise — the most basic of all woodworking tools. The reason is simple: with a solid hold on a workpiece getting accurate cuts and finishes is much more likely.

“Vises aren’t usually the first tools you think of when it comes to a woodworker’s shop,” said Product Manager, Ken Neilson. “But our new Vise is a perfect fit with our existing products because we’re dedicated to providing a full line of high-quality tools and equipment.”

The new BORA Vise is cast metal with dual forged steel rods for smooth and exact movement. It can be mounted to most work surfaces wherever it’s convenient. With a 4-inch clamping capacity, the Vise will accommodate a variety of materials and projects. The jaws feature non-marring pads to eliminate pressure marks on virtually any material. An oversize, soft-grip handle provides increased precision or clamping power. For speed and convenience the Vise has a quick release button, which provides fast open and close functions.

About BORA Tools
BORA is a leading brand of woodworking tools distributed internationally. BORA is known for its high-quality workshop equipment used by the trade and the DIY markets. BORA tools are designed to simplify complex tasks and help produce consistent results from project to project. They are available at major retailers of fine tools nationwide.


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