New BORA Router Plate Makes Cutting Dadoes and Rabbets Easy and Precise

TROY, Mi., March 12, 2013 ­— BORA Tool Co., a leading provider of hand tools for professionals and the DIY market released the Router Plate edge guide, the newest addition to its growing line of woodworking tools and equipment. The BORA Router Plate is an accessory for its popular Wide Track Clamp Edge that helps ensure fast, precise dadoes and rabbets, as well as decorative cuts.


“Routers are essential in cabinetmaking and now smaller, less-expensive models are becoming popular in the do-it-yourself market too,” said Ken Neilson, BORA Product Manager. “They’re versatile but to get a nice, straight cut you need a jig or guide. That’s exactly what our new Router Plate will do.”


The BORA Router Plate is a heavy, non-flexing clear acrylic panel that provides stability and accuracy. It measures 12” x 12’ and works with virtually any router. A specially molded edge matches the integrated T-channel on the Wide Track Edge Guide. The Plate snaps into place and slides smoothly along the rigid aluminum Edge Guide to make perfect router cuts. The Edge Guide and Router Plate will provide more secure and accurate support for any project that requires flawless router cuts.


About BORA Tools

BORA is a leading brand of woodworking tools distributed internationally. BORA is known for its high-quality workshop equipment used by the trade and the DIY markets. BORA tools are designed to simplify complex tasks and help produce consistent results from project to project. They are available at major retailers of fine tools nationwide.


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