New Look, Same Support: Bora Tool Relaunches Centipede® Workstation Line

Bora Centipede Relaunch

Troy, MI—January 28, 2019—Bora Tool, a leading manufacturer of woodworking tools and workshop accessories, announces the relaunch of its classic Centipede® line of work supports and accessories. The relaunch aligns the product line with Bora’s 2017 rebranding and features several redesigned Centipede® accessories to improve user experience.


While it has a new look, the Centipede® system continues to be the most flexible solution for job sites, workspaces, or workshops. It sets up immediately—no assembly required—to provides robust, uniform support for carpenters, contractors, or woodworkers working on jobs or projects.

Bora Centipede Workstation


It’s the lightweight, portable, tough solution to changing, offsite, or cramped work locations.


“The Centipede® is known for its unique design that’s both lightweight and extremely strong, so we weren’t going to mess with that,” says Rod Bonham, Product Manager for Bora Tool. “But we decided that while we were aligning it with the new brand, we’d rework some of the accessories. The X-Cups especially got a redesign so now they hold 2x material on its edges snugly.”


Key features of the Centipede® include:


  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction: Struts are flexible to absorb the impact from heavy objects and machinery, and durable enough to ensure long-lasting, smooth operation. 
  • Variety of Sizes: Choose from four sizes to find the right Centipede® for your job. The larger the workstation, the more weight it can hold.
  • Durable Polymer P-Tops: P-Tops at each point of contact won’t mark the surface of your project or let saw blades cause potential damage to struts.
  • Room for Accessories: P-Tops rotate 360 degrees and can accommodate all Centipede® accessories to expand worksite capabilities.


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