BORA Clamp Edge Tool Guides Provide Accurate Cutting and Versatility For Jobsite Tools

TROY, Mich. — BORA®, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, offers its Clamp Edge line of straight edge tool guides. By providing a solution for straight, accurate cuts, the Clamp Edge increases the versatility of circular saws, jig saws, routers, biscuit jointers and other tools. Featuring a unique swivel head design exclusive to the BORA line, the straight edge is also able to clamp onto angles up to 22.5 degrees, offering more flexibility for all types of clamping and cutting.

The Clamp Edge is now available in three sizes to suit a variety of applications such as woodworking, cabinet making, professional carpentry and do-it-yourself. The smallest, 24-inch model is most commonly used as a fence on table saws, router tables or drill presses, and is also perfect for small cutting projects. Ideal for trimming doors on remodeling jobs, the 36-inch Clamp Edge is able to handle slightly larger projects too big for the 24-inch model. The 50-inch Clamp Edge has been designed for 48-inch cuts, with the extra inches provided for angle cuts. It’s primarily used for cross cutting sheets of plywood or other sheet goods, and offers extra stability on smaller or mid-size projects. In addition, each model can be used for alternate tasks, such as a vise or a bar clamp for gluing applications.

Built durable enough for any worksite, the Clamp Edge is also user-friendly and practical. Featuring an aircraft-grade extruded aluminum body, the tool is built rugged for everyday use, and provides straight cuts and rigid clamping. A large, oversized clamping handle allows optimal clamping pressure, while the soft-grip, rubberized clamping pads are 1 ½-inches deep to hold even thick materials securely in place, without marring the work surface. Additionally, the large pads effectively distribute pressure evenly, further protecting the material from damage. For added convenience, an integrated hanging loop allows for easy storage.

The Clamp Edge reduces typical two-man cutting jobs down to just one, increasing productivity and providing a much more efficient use of labor. It also enhances worksite safety by allowing precise cutting to be achieved with a circular saw or jig saw, a much safer alternative to an open-blade table saw.

Part of an ever-expanding line of specialty tools from BORA, the Clamp Edge series is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty.

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