20 Piece Mini Spring Clamp Set

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• Made of tough polymer that lasts and lasts – lifetime warranty.

• 1-Inch capacity for the opening.

• Tough pivoting clamp edges ensure a rock-solid grip.

• These mini-clamps are perfect for smaller spaces/uses.

• Reach for one any time you need an extra hand.

• Pack of 20 – you’ll never run out!


Bora Tool is known by woodworkers, contractors, and DIY-ers for all manner of tools and workshop accessories, and we’re especially well-regarded for our clamps. These mini spring clamps show you exactly why. They are compact (1” opening / clamp capacity), perfect for those smaller clamping needs or tight spaces. They are also made out of super-tough polymer, meaning they are designed to last a lifetime (indeed, they come with a lifetime warranty). They are also a pleasure to hold and use, with pivoting clamp edges ensuring a true grip. These spring clamps are incredibly strong, come in a pack of 20, and are ideal for gluing, cutting, sanding, finishing, or any other project that could use a little “staying power” as you work on it. Get yourself an extra set of hands today!

Prop 65 Wood Dust  
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